MassChrom® Free Metanephrines in Plasma with Sample Clean Up Columns

MassChrom® Free Metanephrines in Plasma with Sample Clean Up Columns

Order no.: 81000/C
2 x 96 Tests
  • 3-Methoxytyramine
  • Metanephrine
  • Normetanephrine

6PLUS1® Multilevel Calibrator Set and MassCheck® controls based on human plasma

Isotopically labelled internal standard for each analyte


MassChrom® Free Metanephrines in Plasma
With Sample Clean Up Columns, for manual sample preparation
For 2 x 96 determinations

Clinical relevance

This kit allows the quantitative determination of metanephrine, normetanephrine and 3-methoxytyramine in plasma by LC-MS/MS.

One typical application for this kit is the analysis of patient samples with a suspicion of pheochromocytomas. These tumours and other neural crest tumours (e.g. paragangliomas and neuroblastomas) secrete metanephrine, normetanephrine and 3-methoxytyramine. The plasma free metanephrines are more stable and secreted more evenly than catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine). Some studies show that the analysis of plasma free metanephrines has the highest sensitivity and specificity in pheochromocytoma diagnostics compared to plasma free catecholamines and metanephrines in urine.


Product advantages

  • 6PLUS1® Multilevel Calibrator Set and MassCheck® controls based on human plasma
  • Simple sample prep in just a few steps
  • Chromatographic separation of analytes – no co-elution
  • Isotopically labelled internal standards for all analytes

This kit encompasses all required components and allows a simple and fast sample preparation: solid phase extraction (SPE) without equilibration/conditioning steps, analyte enrichment without evaporation step, only one elution step. The analytes are chromatographically separated to avoid co-elution and to minimise risks of interferences. The use of stable isotope-labelled internal standards for every single analyte ensures reproducible and reliable quantification. The 6PLUS1® Multilevel Plasma Calibrator Set and MassCheck® controls ensure high precision of results. They are obtained from human plasma to minimise matrix-induced differences.

There is also a method using 96 SPE Well Plates (81000) as well as the corresponding fully automated workflow solution available for laboratories with a higher sample throughput.


Technical Data

Method of Analysis


Number of Tests

2 x 96


3-Methoxytyramine, Metanephrine, Normetanephrine

Analysis Time

5 min

Limit of quantification

Metanephrine: 15 ng/l
Normetanephrine: 7 ng/l
3-Methoxytyramine: 11 ng/l


Metanephrine: up to 5650 ng/l
Normetanephrine: up to 8500 ng/l
3-Methoxytyramine: up to 5800 ng/l


89–100 %


CV = 2.7–6.9 %


CV = 3.3–8.6 %





Sample Preparation

  • Pipette 500 µl Dilution Buffer and 25 µl Internal Standard Mix into each Sample Clean Up Column.
  • Add 500 µl of the sample/calibrator/MassCheck® control, centrifuge, discard effluent.
  • Add 0.9 ml Wash Buffer 1, centrifuge, discard effluent.
  • Add 2 x 0.9 ml Wash Buffer 2, centrifuge, discard effluent.
  • Add 250 µl Elution Buffer and centrifuge.
  • Inject up to 25 µl.

Injection Volume

≤ 25 µl


ESI positive



Please note

The freely available information on this website, in particular on the sample preparation, are not sufficient to work with our products. Please read instructions and warning notices on products and/or instruction manuals.

Kit Components

Components available separately

Mobile Phase A

Order no.: 81001

Mobile Phase B

Order no.: 81002

Dilution Buffer

Order no.: 81003

Internal Standard Mix

Order no.: 81004

Wash Buffer 1

Order no.: 81005

Wash Buffer 2

Order no.: 81006

Elution Buffer

Order no.: 81007

Rinsing Solution

Order no.: 81009

Sample Clean Up Columns

Order no.: 81055


Calibrators available separately


Controls available separately