Free Metanephrines in Plasma by LC-MS/MS

Our new kit MassChrom® Free Metanephrines in Plasma for the efficient determination of metanephrine, normetanephrine and 3-methoxytyramine is now available.

Our Comprehensive Solution for Biogenic Amines in Urine by LC-MS/MS

MassChrom® Biogenic Amines in Urine enables the determination of all parameters by LC-MS/MS with one chromatographic platform.

System Check Solution = Confidence in Your System

System Check Solution for simplified daily system performance checks.

Get the New Mass Spec Catalogue

The comprehensive Chromsystems portfolio in mass spectrometry is now compiled in our new clinical LC-MS/MS catalogue. With approximately 200 pages, the catalogue provides information of all kits, calibrators and controls and includes the most recent additions such as steroid profiling, EtG and biogenic amines.