New HPLC and LC-MS/MS Catalogues 2019

With the latest editions of our two catalogues, you'll get insights and details on all of our available products, product overviews and a preview of our latest assays.

All Calibrators and Controls Now Available in the US

You are able to order it directly and safeguard your assay!

Our third party calibrators and controls offer: human-based material, a maximum of traceability, highest stability and consistency.

Reliability and Traceability - Chromsystems Calibrators

The ultimate aim of traceability is to ensure that analytical results used for patient care are accurate as well as comparable over time and location.

Free Metanephrines in Plasma by LC-MS/MS

Our new kit MassChrom® Free Metanephrines in Plasma for the efficient determination of metanephrine, normetanephrine and 3-methoxytyramine is now available.

Our Comprehensive Solution for Biogenic Amines in Urine by LC-MS/MS

MassChrom® Biogenic Amines in Urine enables the determination of all parameters by LC-MS/MS with one chromatographic platform.

System Check Solution = Confidence in Your System

System Check Solution for simplified daily system performance checks.