Our company newspaper DIALOG is a forum for scientific articles from our customers and associated scientists and includes the latest news on Chromsystems products and in-house organization.

Please find here a table containing all DIALOG issues in PDF file at your disposal.


DIALOG 02/2014

  • Install and Measure the Same Day: MassTox® TDM Series A for LC-MS/MS
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of AEDs during Pregnancy
  • Determination of Methylphenidate and Ritalinic Acid in Serum & Saliva
  • Installation report: TDM on a Shimadzu 8040 LC-MS/MS
  • Product News: MassChrom® Steroid Kit


DIALOG 01/2014

  • Methylmalonic acid: a biomarker for vitamin B12 deficiency
  • LC-MS/MS analysis of MMA in plasma/serum and urine
  • Nutritional importance of vitamin D
  • Special vitamin D diagnosis in infants:
    meaning of the C3-epimers
  • Vitamin B1 and B6 analysis in veterinary medicine -
    comparison of HPLC and UHPLC



  • Vitamin D: The All-Rounder
  • 25-OH-vitamin D3/D2 reagent kits for HPLC and LC-MS/MS analysis
  • Vitamin D in the clinical environment - an overview
  • A dilemma: 25-OH-vitamin-D3 versus 1,25-(OH)2-vitamin D3
  • High 3-epi-25-OH-vitamin D levels in young infants require accurate diagnostics
  • HPLC and LC-MS/MS analysis: automation of sample preparation
  • Standardisation in HPLC and LC-MS/MS diagnostics
  • News: Recommendation of British Expert Panel



  • Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostics
  • MassTox® Immunosuppressants in Whole Blood
  • MassChrom® 25-OH-Vitamin D3/D2 in Serum/Plasma
  • Reference intervals for urinary biogenic amines during childhood
  • NEW: HPLC analysis of anticancer drugs Imatinib, Dasatinib and Nilotinib in Plasma/Serum
  • Serotonin Release HPLC-Assay for the Establishment of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) Diagnosis
  • New Analytical HPLC Column and New Mobile Phase
  • Chromsystems Team at B2Run


DIALOG 01/2008

  • Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines Non Derivatised
  • Newborn Screening at Liège
  • Combined Analysis Vitamins B1/B6 with Internal Standard
  • Chromsystems increases production capacities and invests in research and development
  • Clinical relevance of pyridinium crosslinks
  • TDM in a regional hospital: C.H.R. de la Citadelle in Liège
  • Solutions for Demanding Clinical Analysis at Applied Biosystems / MDS Analytical Technologies


DIALOG 02/2007

  • Analysis of Vitamin D3 and D2
  • Reference values for vitamin B1 and B6
  • Vitamin B6 in cerebrospinal fluid
  • Vitamin E from cell culture
  • Hemoglobin variants and diagnostic analysis
  • Chromsystems extends benzodiazepine analysis range
  • Certifications by TÜV Süd


DIALOG 01/2007

  • Newborn screening by tandem mass spectrometry
  • New kit for monitoring HIV drugs in patient serum
  • Biomonitoring of Benzene and Toluene
  • Accredited Certification
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen


DIALOG 01/2006

  • Chronic Alcohol Abuse
  • CDT: HPLC versus Immunassay
  • Itraconazol in Serum/Plasma
  • New Antiepileptic Drug - Serum Assay of Zonisamide
  • 6PLUS1 Multilevel Calibrator Set
  • Urine Phenol Assay


DIALOG 01/2005

  • The Application of Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Analysis
  • A Study of Oxidative Stress
  • ß-Carotene - more than an Antioxidant
  • Vitamin B1 and B2 Assay in Beer


DIALOG 01/2004

  • Immunosuppressants analysis
  • Control of Assays for Immunosuppressive Drugs
  • Organic solvents in the workplace
  • Determination of solvent Metabolites in Urine
  • HPLC analysis of neuroleptic drugs
  • Porphyrias


DIALOG 01/2002

  • Oxidative Stress
  • Clinical Relevanz of the Determination of Mycophenolic Acid Levels