62000 MassChrom® 25-OH-Vitamin D3 and D2 in Serum/Plasma for automated sample preparation - LC-MS/MS

MassChrom® 25-OH-Vitamin D3/D2 in Serum/Plasma for automated sample preparation - LC-MS/MS

Order no.: 62000/1000/F
1000 Tests
  • 25-OH-vitamin D2
  • 25-OH-vitamin D3

Suitable for different liquid handling devices
Sample tracking, LIMS connectivity and full walkaway operation for improved workflows


Clinical relevance

Vitamin D (cholecalciferol) is a recognised clinical chemical determinant associated with osteoporosis and osteopenia (reduction in bone density). It also plays a role in the body's immune response, cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer. Therefore, vitamin D is highly important from a number of diagnostic perspectives.

25-OH-vitamin D3 is the primary metabolite in the human body and the direct precursor of the physiologically active form 1.25-(OH)2-vitamin D3. First-line treatment for vitamin D deficiency is nutritional supplements with vitamin D3 or vitamin D2. Vitamin D2 is easier to synthesise and is widely used as a supplement outside of the EU, and especially in the United States. Therefore, its determination in serum/plasma is also relevant.


Product advantages

  • Automated sample preparation in 96 Well Filter Plates
  • 6PLUS1® or 6PLUS1® Multilevel Calibrator Set and MassCheck® Controls
  • Isotopically labelled internal standard

This Chromsystems kit allows the determination of 25-OH-vitamin D3 and 25-OH-vitamin D2 in serum and plasma with LC-MS/MS. 96 samples can be reliably processed in 30 minutes using automated sample preparation. The comparison of manual and automated method shows a strong correlation. The 3PLUS1® and 6PLUS1® multilevel calibrators are optionally available and guarantee a high level of precision of the results.

A variant for manual sample preparation in 96 well filter plates (order no. 62000) is also available.


Kit content

Mobile Phase A, 5 x 1000 ml
Mobile Phase B, 5 x 1000 ml
Precipitation Reagent, 5 x 5 ml
Internal Standard, 5 x 40 ml
Rinsing Solution, 2 x 1000 ml
96 Well Filter Plates, 4 x 3 pcs.
Collection Plates, 4 x 3 pcs.
Pierceable Adhesive Seals for 96 Well Plates, 4 x 3 pcs.
MassChrom® Analytical column, 1 pc.
MassChrom® Trap column, 2 pcs.
3PLUS1® Multilevel Serum Calibrator Set (lyoph.), 4 x 1 ml
MassCheck® 25-OH-vitamin D3/D2 Serum Control, Level I (lyoph.), 5 x 1 ml
MassCheck® 25-OH-vitamin D3/D2 Serum Control, Level II (lyoph.), 5 x 1 ml


Technical Data

Method of Analysis


Number of Tests



25-OH-vitamin D2, 25-OH-vitamin D3

Analysis Time

5 min

Limit of quantification

25-OH-Vitamin D2: 2.2 µg/l
25-OH-Vitamin D3: 3.0 µg/l


up to 250 μg/l


CV < 5 %


CV < 6 %


The trap column and the analytical column are linked to the mass spectrometer through a 2-position 6-port valve.



Pre-analytic Treatment

Patient samples are stable up to 3 days at ambient temperature and up to 1 week at +2 to +8 °C. For longer storage (maximum 1 month) deep-freeze the samples below -18 °C.

Sample Preparation

Samples can be prepared with full or partial automation on a liquid handling device. Manual sample preparation using 96 well filter plates is also possible. A multichannel pipette (8-channel or 12-channel) or a Multipette may be used.

Sample Stability

Samples are stable up to 1 week at +2 to +8 °C. For longer storage periods keep samples frozen below -18 °C.


Pump A: 0.02–1.00 ml/min
Pump B: 0.60–1.00 ml/min

Additional Info

Pump A delivers 100 % Mobile Phase A for loading the trap column.
Pump B delivers 100 % Mobile Phase A for separating analytes on the analytical column.


APCI positive



Please note

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Kit Components

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