MassTox® TDM Series A

The MassTox® TDM Series A from Chromsystems allows the fast and efficient monitoring of a broad range of therapeutic drugs. Substances include antidepressants, antiepileptic drugs, benzodiazepines, neuroleptics and psychostimulants. All reagent kits have been comprehensively validated and provide everything that is required for the analysis.

The modular system allows the analysis of more than 150 parameters without column switching or changes to the mobile phases, thereby helping to minimise the  workload in the laboratory. Reagents can be combined to meet the individual needs of laboratories.

MassTox® TDM Series A consists of three major components:


Is used for all determination and contains all components required for a complete sample prep and all necessary mobile phases

Each Parameter Set is optimised for the analysis of the particular substances and contains all relevant calibrators, quality controls and internal standards.

The analytical column enables the analysis of more than 170 parameters of the TDM Series A testing menu. No column switching or changes in the setup of the mass spectrometer are required.

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