Sample Concentrator

Sample Concentrator for Autosampler Vials

Order no.: 42730

Fast evaporation of solvents
Light and compact unit for easy use in fume cupboards
High-quality stainless-steel needles
Accurate height control
Chromsystems-adapted blocks available for specific assay requirements


Where traditional methods normally take hours, the sample concentrator accelerates the concentration of large sample numbers in mere minutes. It is ideal for clinical diagnostic purposes, such as our MassChrom® Steroids assays (order no. 72072/C, 72072/96 and 480).

Dri-Block® Heater

The sample concentrator is equipped with the digital Dri-Block® heater, especially suited for clinical laboratories. Temperature readings are both accurate and precise. The heater covers the temperature ranges from ambient +5 °C to +200 °C.


Chromsystems-adapted blocks

The sample concentrator is available with aluminium insert blocks in 2 different formats, for 96 well plates and for autosampler vials.


The sample concentrator consists of:

  • Sample concentrator head for microplates
  • Dri-Block® heater (digital)
  • Plastic spacers pk/2
  • PTFE coated needle, 76 mm
  • Block for vials

All components also available separately.

Technical Data

Maximum gas pressure

Must not exceed 2 psi

Maximum vertical travel

320 mm

Maximum gas usage

15 l/min


Any inert gas (often nitrogen)

Gas intake nozzle diameter

6.35 mm (1/4“)


240 x 295 x 530 mm (W x D x H)


3.5 kg