92146 TDM Series A IS antidepressants2_psychostimulants

Internal Standard Set Antidepressants 2/ Psychostimulants

Order no.: 92146
Component of the Parameter Set Antidepressants 2/Psychostimulants, available separately.


Internal Standard Set for Antidepressants 2/Psychostimulants in serum/plasma, consisting of: Internal Standard Mix 4 x 1 ml (lyoph.), Reconstitution Buffer 5 ml.

Technical Data


Internal Standard Mix 4 x 1 ml (lyoph.), Reconstitution Buffer 5 ml


Thaw one vial of lyophilised Internal Standard. Remove the seal and rubber stopper from the vial. Reconstitute the lyophilised internal standard with exactly 1 ml of reconstitution buffer. Close the vial with the rubber stopper and let it stand for about 5 minutes at room temperature, gently shake the vial repeatedly until the content of the bottle is homogeneous. Avoid direct sunlight. Information: The reconstitution buffer contains stabilising additives. To ensure stability of the internal standard, the reconstitution buffer has to be used.

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