Cortisol, Cortisone in Saliva by LC-MS/MS

Cortisol, Cortisone in Saliva by LC-MS/MS

Chromsystems now provides a new CE-IVD solution for the efficient determination of cortisol and cortisone. This validated saliva assay enables laboratories to measure with the gold standard in steroid analysis: mass spectrometry.


Cortisol and cortisone are steroid hormones that play a role in a range of diseases - one of the most common uses in clinical laboratories is the screening of Cushing’s syndrome and Addison’s disease. However, symptoms are not specific, requiring the precise and efficient determination of these parameters in the clinical laboratories.



> Best available method for accurate analysis of steroids in biological samples
> Direct determination of the analytes
> Results safeguarded by isotopically labelled internal standards
> No cross-reactivity


Why Saliva?

> Simple non-invasive and stress-free sampling method
> Stress-induced adrenal stress responses eliminated, making salivary sampling more reliable
> Important also in stress research and pediatric applications


Why MassChrom® Cortisol, Cortisone?

> Complete CE-IVD assay, eliminating the need to develop your own laboratory tests
> Trust your test results with specific co-eluting internal standards, Multilevel Calibrator Set and MassCheck® controls that are based on human saliva
> Sample preparation in just a few steps
> Excellent on-site support for installation, testing and more


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