Extended Parameter Set for Antidepressants and Psychostimulants

Extended Parameter Set for Antidepressants and Psychostimulants

The parameter set Antidepressants 2/Psychostimulants has been extended to 20 analytes, with almost complete coverage by internal standards!



Your benefits:


Extended parameter menu

You can now measure 14 additional analytes. The parameter set now encompasses the following menu:


Atomoxetine, Bupropion*, erythro-Dihydrobupropion*, threo-Dihydrobupropion*, Hydroxybupropion*, Clomethiazole*, Dosulepin*, N-Desmethyldosulepin*, Methylphenidate, Mianserin, Milnacipran*, Moclobemide*, Opipramol*, Reboxetine, Ritalinic acid, Tianeptine*, Tranylcypromine*, Trazodone, Vilazodone*, Vortioxetine*

* = newly added parameters

Enhanced robustness

Trust in increased reliability and robustness, thanks to a significantly increased number of now 18 internal standards.


Future-proof system

This parameter set is part of MassTox® TDM Series A, a system that is currently covering more than 170 drugs. It is continuously updated and upgraded - changes in prescribed medicines and new drugs on the market are incorporated in the modular system.