Simple and non-invasive sample collection

Saliva is a matrix that can be obtained very easily and for patients in a non-invasive manner. Stress-induced adrenal stress responses are thereby eliminated, making salivary sampling more reliable. This is of particular importance in stress research and pediatric applications.

Easy sample preparation

Sample preparation takes place in just a few steps:
> Pipette 100 µl sample into a Clean-Up Tube.
> Add 50 µl Internal Standard Mix.
> Centrifuge & transfer filtrate into a 1.5 ml vial
> Transfer into autosampler and inject up to 25 µl.

Complete solution from sample to result

This assay offers everything required for the determination, eliminating the need to develop your own laboratory tests. We also provide you with an excellent on-site support for installation, testing and more.

Reliable, robust and proven CE-IVD method

With our CE-IVD method you gain access to LC-MS/MS as the best available assay for an accurate steroid analysis. The parameters are determined directly without the risk of cross-reactivity as described for immunoassays. You can trust your test results with specific co-eluting internal standards, human-matrix based multilevel calibrators and MassCheck® controls.