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We Transform Clinical Diagnostics

Chromsystems offers best-in-class technologies for clinical analysis by HPLC and mass spectrometry. Our solutions are used worldwide in hundreds of clinical laboratories and help to provide reliable and accurate results that doctors and patients can truly rely on. We also ensure that our products are economic and simple to use.


We Innovate

Our dedicated R&D team develops all of our innovative and equally reliable products drawing on a wealth of experience in the highly specialised and continuously developing field. We understand both the complexity of HPLC and mass spectrometry as well as the specific requirements of clinical laboratories. Combining this knowledge we provide tailored solutions for our customers. Every new kit is comprehensively validated on a range of instruments and contains all components required for clinical analysis; reagents for sample preparation, mobile phases, column, internal standards, calibrators and controls.


What We Offer

HPLC and LC-MS/MS are the methods of choice for a wide range of clinical parameters. We offer assays that help laboratories to make the most out of these techniques with a large parameter menu. We enable laboratories to add new parameters into their diagnostic routine and expand their testing menu without prior technical expertise. They can immediately start the analysis with a minimum of time for the sample preparation. Our parameter menu covers a range of areas such as new born screening, therapeutic drug monitoring, steroid analysis, vitamin profiling and more. We continuously expand our portfolio with additional tests, kits for UHPLC or automated sample preparation solutions for a number of parameters.


We Are Here for You

We are particularly proud of our excellent world-class service and support. We always work alongside our customers, and many laboratories in a wealth of countries worldwide have already experienced our excellent support and specific knowledge in clinical HPLC and mass spectrometry. We help with your kit installation as well as with any specific challenge that you may find in your laboratory.
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We Are Committed to Quality Standards

As a provider of CE-IVD compliant products, we take a lot of effort to fulfill ever-increasing regulatory requirements. Before products are introduced to the market they are comprehensively validated to ensure that they meet the highest standards in clinical diagnostics. The quality of our products is also extensively and continuously monitored. On a regular basis we are also audited by a range of notified bodies that confirm our compliance in accordance with a number of industry standards including ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 13485 MDSAP.